It might beĀ  because the sun drew out the energy, Julie needing a relaxing place to regenerate from the scooter incident (and maybe also the availability of friggin Mario kart) that it has now been ages since I decided to write a new post. Being here, I have also used the time to be essentially […]

We (Sophie, Dennis and Julie) left Hacienda on Sunday morning and took a mini van to Kampot. We decided to follow Mark’s advice and booked a double room at Mad Monkey and Sophie stayed in a dorm. The first night, we didn’t do much, we met Swiss Sophie, a friend of our Dutch Sophie from […]

When we left Siem Reap on the night bus to Pnom Pehn and then Sihanoukville, we had only booked 2 nights at Hacienda, a guesthouse/hostel in Otres Village, between Otres 1 and Otres 2, East on Sihanoukville. Our plan was to stay only 2 nights until… Well until this happened: On the bus from Pnom […]

I started this post the completely wrong way the first round. I wanted to write a “the system” and “big brother rules the west” post, and denied it. Starting from scratch now, I realised that I can’t possibly compare two systems I barley know anything about (because they’re so friggin huge). I can only try […]

We mainly enjoyed Siem Reap for the sunrise on Angkor Wat and the chilled time. It was great catching up with Jodie and Johannes again, and meeting new people: from the US, from Sweden, from Holland, from Germany, from Australia. We got to go to a monk chat about Buddhism and meditation, enjoy the pool […]

A quite sad situation prompts me to write this post: I’ve lost my notebook, that I’ve kept writing in since Bangkok. All the Thai words, little messages by people, thoughts during the Yoga retreat, my goals and manifestations, music that I want to remember, recipes and a whole lot more. I guess it really was […]

You have read my article about Pai? Now is picture time.

When we arrived in Beijing from Seattle, Hong Kong Airlines refused to give us our boarding passes unless we had a flight out of Thailand. Conclusion: here’s Julie and Dennis booking a random flight to Cambodia from Bangkok. And you know what? It was the best decision ever. We ended up paying less than $100 […]

We thought that the best way to make you enjoy our experience was to share it with you.

When Dennis told me he wanted to do either a yoga retreat or a meditation retreat, I wasn’t sure I was actually keen to do it. I was scared I would be surrounded by people who are experienced, who might judge me, who might be patronising and therefore it would ruin my experience. Still, I […]