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An unexpected journey in Northland.

Usually, I blog about what we have done, where we have been and how it was. But today, I feel like I need to blog about how I felt and what I felt during our time in Northland. Have you ever felt magic? I felt magic up there. I felt like I arrived somewhere I […]

Impressions of a divided road of good intention

I started this post the completely wrong way the first round. I wanted to write a “the system” and “big brother rules the west” post, and denied it. Starting from scratch now, I realised that I can’t possibly compare two systems I barley know anything about (because they’re so friggin huge). I can only try […]

It all started with a bamboo cooking class…

The awesome thing about our guesthouse (Chat House) is that you constantly meet people and live incredible experiences. It is apparently the longest running guesthouse in Chiang Rai, and their tours and treks are amazing, simply because the guides are actually from the villages around, and they know what they are talking about. The food […]

Three temples and two silk elephants.

As said in the previous post, we decided to stay at the Chiang Mai Thai House close to Tapae Gate. We had a really good stay: clean room and bathroom, not too noisy, nice food – cheap for a hotel – and an effective fan. Overall we would recommend for people to stay there because […]

A train ride to Chiang Mai.

It all started after this amazing time in Baan Silapin, had food at Mango and then headed back to our former hotel to pick up our backpacks. We called a taxi and got dropped off at the train station, a lady came over to us to indicate we will leave platform 10. It’s all very […]

Bangkok – away from the tourists.

Is it possible, you will ask me, to find a place far from the tourists in Bangkok? Well yes it is, and we found it! It is called Baan Silapin, a little village along the river in Bangkok where you will find Klong Bang Luang, the Artist’s House. The easy way to get there is […]

Bangkok – Sightseeing day

Today was our sightseeing day in Bangkok. We decided to follow what most people told us to see. Seeing as our train for Chiang Mai is at 10pm tomorrow, we will have plenty of time to do some more sightseeing tomorrow, so we took it easy today! The first thing we did was to take […]

First day in Bangkok

I am really excited to tell you about Bangkok! It is a very crazy place, but it’s fun and colorful and intense. It seems that everything is going so fast and everytime you look at something else, something different is happening, over and over again! I cannot believe how active and how different this city […]

3 flights and a leather seat.

The best pictures from our 3 flights to get to Asia from Seattle!

Tips and advice for a month in the U.S.!

We have just spent 2 days travelling to Thailand – 3 flights, one to Beijing, one to Hong Kong and one to Bangkok, with out luggage not being transferred and boarding passes not printed off and not enough cash money to enter Thailand (details in next blog!) – so I thought it was a good […]