An unexpected journey in Northland.

Usually, I blog about what we have done, where we have been and how it was. But today, I feel like I need to blog about how I felt and what I felt during our time in Northland.
Have you ever felt magic?
I felt magic up there.
I felt like I arrived somewhere I was supposed to be, and I met people I was supposed to meet, at a special time. Although one of these people told me: there is no such thing as time. It’s an invention, it’s in your head. When you are born, you are already dead. Your life is a split of a second. You have no choice over what happened. It just is. See, that’s a lot for you to take in when you have just met these people. But maybe I need to tell you the whole story, in parts – or what matters – well, what I feel like writing. Listen.

We have this app called Campermate that allows you to see pretty much everything you need in New Zealand: free campsites, petrol stations, hot showers, etc. So after leaving Auckland, I got the app on my phone and we used it mainly to find free campsites. We found one after the Kauri forest on the west coast of Northland and spent the night there. It was so beautiful and we really loved our first night in a tent.

The next day, we went north to 90 Miles Beach, the big sand dunes and Cape Reinga. Then we went down the peninsula to the free campsite we had planned to sleep at. We went down that small road to Kaimaumau, small village by the sea. We weren’t even sure if that was the campsite because there was no one, just some locals fishing and having a beer.

The second we arrived, we were told that cars would be moved so we could park and settle our tent. We were shown where the toilets are and we were asked where we are from and what we are doing here. We felt really welcomed, nearly over-welcomed actually!

So we parked our cars and put up our tents – we were traveling with 2 Germans we met the night before – and starting cooking. The scenery was already so beautiful and overwhelming, I felt almost out of place.

And then out of nowhere, this guy came to talk to us. He shook hands with the guys so I reached out to shake his and he says: well okay then and shook my hand. What a weird thing to say, aye?

Anyway, so we start talking with him, and he explains he has been to Germany and France and around Europe and that’s why the other guys told him to come round and talk with the travelers. And this is how twenty minutes later, we are invited at Chris’s place for a shower, food and a bed. Now I was born and raised in Europe right, so when some stranger tells you after twenty minutes to come round to their place and all for free, you’re supposed to wonder what they want from you. I learned very fast that it’s not the way kiwis – New Zealanders – work. But at that time, I didn’t know, so I said: hey we like our tent and all so thank you, but we might take you up on the shower offer in the morning! We all laugh but Chris says, not laughing at all: hey I am not the one who’s only passing by, I get to be here everyday.

How right was he, I miss this place everyday.

One thing led to another, Dennis went for a ride with Chris in his Suzuki 4×4 on a beach and amongst the sand dunes and we finished cooking and ate and we were at Chris’s place in the wink of an eye.

That evening, we got offered food – although we weren’t hungry – and beers – but we were thirsty! – and we spent the whole night with the guys until they went fishing and we went back to our tent. I could have spent hours speaking with these guys, about what to do, how they fish and the plants they use. I wish I could have taken in all the information at once, but I would need years if not a lifetime to do so.

But mostly, I realized how I constantly wanted to talk with Chris, like something was waiting for me inside of his head or his soul or whatever. I felt like I had something to learn from him. And… I did.

To put it in simple words, I found a brother. I found someone I truly care about, someone I want to help and support but also someone I need to keep on growing and discovering myself. It doesn’t matter we how long we’ve known each other because I feel we have known each other for longer. He resonates as a brother, deep in my heart.

I wrote in my notebook:

Sometimes, things just happen to you. You can’t control it, you can’t really see it coming either.
But they just land right here in your face.
And you don’t know if it hurts, if it feels good or whatever it means in your life.
It’s just weird, unexpected, somewhat violent.Well, this is what I went through in the past few days.

It seems like something crazy to go through in two days, but how could I explain a spiritual connection with words? How could I possibly  put down in words a flow of energy between two people? How can I even remotely explain to you that I have the feeling I have met him before, and I met him in Northland for a specific reason that I just don’t understand yet? How can I make you understand that I have grown more spiritually since I stepped in New Zealand – and went to Northland – that up until now?

How could you feel what I felt when a wonderful old Maori man looked at me with the kindest eyes to say my bird tattoo suits me?

How can you understand what it feels like to go fishing with locals, people who know the land, live from the land, vibrate with the land? And how could I tell you how it feels to look at the stars, the moon shine softly on our faces, talking about souls and energy and past lives until 4am?

In two days in Northland, I learned that just like there is positive and negative electricity, positive and negative energies exist and are needed to make the world go round. Without one, the other cannot be.

But mostly, in two days, I learned that I am only a child, that I still have so much to learn from my elders from all countries and all ages. I still have so much to discover and to experience. I have come to peace with who I have been and I am still discovering who I truly am and where I am going, whilst knowing where I am at this exact time.

I learned to be, in the moment, in the instant.

I found a brother, a friend, an elder, a guide, a child, a teacher, a question, an answer and all in all, a beautiful soul.

Thank you, brother. And see you soon.


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