The Bolaven Plateau – 2 days loop (17-18/12/14)

We spent 5 nice days in Don Det, 4000 Islands, Laos, cycling and chilling. Marlene was ill in the first day, then it was Aleks and I, so we had a quiet couple of days.
From Don Det, we booked a bus to Champasak, as we had heard it was beautiful, you can swim in the Mekong and go for treks, and there was a puppeteer show and the tuk tuk cinema.
When we got there, the weather was starting to be very cloudy (and threatening) and the puppeteer show was quite expensive, so we decided to have food and a beer at our guesthouse and relax there.
Before it got too dark, Dennis and I went for a walk around the ‘town’ and here’s a few pictures:






In the morning, we took a 7:00am songthaew to Pakse. The ride was cold but fun!
When we got to Pakse, we grabbed some food at the Lankham hotel (cheap and good noodle soup) and went to Miss Noy next door to rent 2 semi-automatic motorcycles (Suzuki 110).
The bikes were really good and we were explained very well where to go, what to do and what to see!
We drove towards the Bolaven Plateau, past blacksmiths and a coffee factory and turn left towards the plateau.
We stopped at 2 different waterfalls that were very beautiful!

Unfortunately, most of my pictures are on my camera and I cannot use the SD card so, sorry! But you’re gonna have to wait to see the pictures.
But the second waterfall was really fun to get to as we had to drive down the hill and then go through a village where tow little boys told us we had to pay for parking and they just wanted money in their pockets! The walk to the waterfall was really beautiful, and when we arrived at the foot of the waterfall, the scenery was breathtaking. We stayed there for a while to do some climbing and take some photos, but I was mainly stretching because my back hurt a bit because of the scooter.
We arrived in Tad Lo after about 90km on the road and decided to sleep at Fandee Guesthouse which is owned by a French couple.

We had nice lunch and dinner and enjoyed some beers in our deck in front of the bungalows, with the goat Queen Elizabeth. It was really fun!

In the morning we had a lovely breakfast, Specialite du Chef: Cocotte”. I had organic Bolaven coffee. It was really yummy.

Finally, we got on the road and started driving.
We stopped at a farm where people teach the locals how to farm. It was very interesting. Then we went south towards Paksong and stopped at an organic farm.

After that, we stopped at a first waterfall. It was really amazing. And there was a rainbow in the waterfall. Simply breathtaking.
And then we took some silly pictures:

Then we went back on the road to reach the next waterfall.

The waterfall was really beautiful and we even went for a swim! It was really amazing.

It was a really fun 2 day trip and it’s a shame it wasn’t longer but we had all agreed to get a night bus to go to Takhek the next day and rent motorcycles for an other loop. I would really recommend this loop, it was great!



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