The Thakhek Loop – Day 1 (19/12/14)

Because it is difficult to get a laptop with an SD card reader here, it is not easy for us to blog about our time in Don Det (all pictures are on both cameras) or the motorcycle trip from Pakse on the Bolaven Plateau. I hope to be able to blog soon about it and to use the photos we took.
At the moment, we are traveling with a German couple, Marlene and Aleks, whom we met in Stung Tren and really got along with!
And just so you don’t feel like you are not getting any more news, here’s a quick update on our first day doing the Thakhek Loop in Laos. Enjoy!

So we took a funky sleeping bus from Pakse to Thakhek and then arrived at the bus station early in the morning (2am) and went into a guesthouse inside the bus station to sleep (50000KIP for the night, pretty good!).
In the morning we took a tuktuk to town and had breakfast at Inthira close to the town square and then rented scooters at Mad Monkey because most blogs of people who did the loop rented with these guys. We payed 120000KIP a day for those bad boys.
We started our loop by stopping at Tan Falang for a swim in the river (photos on the camera, again) and then headed back on the road to enjoy the fantastic scenery.

The scenery is absolutely amazing there, with these huge rocks peeking at the sky. Absolutely fantastic ride!
We stopped to have lunch in a small restaurant in the side of the road: nice but a bit expensive as you would expect!


Beautiful sunset waiting for us at Savadee Guesthouse in Thalang, followed by a barbecue with veggie option! Really lovely end to this beautiful day.



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  1. waouuhh, super genial la video avec la musique en plus. Bisous on vous aime et on pense a vous. Enjoy your roadtrip.

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