A long due hello from the beach


It might be  because the sun drew out the energy, Julie needing a relaxing place to regenerate from the scooter incident (and maybe also the availability of friggin Mario kart) that it has now been ages since I decided to write a new post. Being here, I have also used the time to be essentially asleep. Compared to how I felt after the yoga retreat in Pai, I could be considered a furry sloth that hangs around at hacienda’s bar all day, playing Mario kart and eating. The fur had grown around my face and on my head, and the days were passing through like they were in a hurry to go somewhere,  when I certainly wasn’t.  Julie didn’t have fur but she was definitely riding the same wave of relaxation and TV shows. It also helped her actually loosing all the scab in 1 day. She now has a white skin mark surrounded by her bronze upper arm. Now a smooth skin with barely a scratch left to see, whereas three days ago a 2 lighters wide wound was just healing into a thick, protective shield.

So Mario kart gave me the chance to feel like home, almost. It’s probably the closest thing to it out here; although that feeling is only temporary, and I suppose the main point of this post is to make me realise that it is time to leave this timeless dream place, with no hurry, no tasks, no one waiting, an empty beach, a cheap bar, with good food, a free bed, a lot of nice travelers of which a few are stuck, and a sense that no one here wants to move very much. A place that is just a comfortable seat for some people, whereas for others it’s warm, timeless, quicksand.


When comparing hacienda to quicksand, I’m not saying your constantly fearing an agonising death by choking on lots of tiny rocks. It’s more like a quicksand with service and when you’re underneath the sand you have like a little bungalow-hole with a bed and a shower, and you can always leave the quicksand to go the beach. But you always gladly return back and sit in the very relaxed bar area amidst a quiet neighbourhood. With view on a little lake, where Cambdians sit in hammocks and fish. There is fresh fruit shakes available and you just slap it on your tap. Happy hour is from 8-10 with 75 cent beer and the Chat with expats at the bar is usually hilarious. The dog Bella is friendly and keeps following the cat wanting to play with her.

Lukas just asked me what we should do tonight, and we started laughing about how we hadn’t played cards in a while. It’s become a place where time is passed with little card and kart games, and otherwise drinking or smoking (including tabacco). So soon it’s time to leave dream paradise; keepig on mind thaz it is a place to go if life gets too busy. Now though, I want to be busy after we leave from here, because frankly this place can bore you to the bone. So much that it feels like it just wastes the precious moments of experience, by feeling averse to being too relaxed.

A little note from after leaving hacienda: We are finally busy exploring again and I plan to write the next post about being awake ASAP.

Thanks for reading,



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