Otres Beach, Sihanoukville – When Cambodia becomes paradise.

When we left Siem Reap on the night bus to Pnom Pehn and then Sihanoukville, we had only booked 2 nights at Hacienda, a guesthouse/hostel in Otres Village, between Otres 1 and Otres 2, East on Sihanoukville. Our plan was to stay only 2 nights until… Well until this happened:
On the bus from Pnom Penh to Sihanoukville, we met Sophie, again, who was in our dorm at the Siem Reap Hostel! That was a nice surprise. Once we arrived in Sihanoukville, we got overwhelmed by the amount tuk tuk drivers harassing us to take us to a guesthouse, so we ran away and went to a small restaurant/bar to have a pizza. Then we managed to get a tuk tuk drive us to Mushroom Point to drop Sophie off, and then to Hacienda. We payed $6 instead of $10 which was a pretty good deal.

At Hacienda, we met Heiner, German, who was in our dorm and decided to take him with us for an afternoon at the beach! We walked to Mushroom Point, a guesthouse, where we met up with Sophie. The sea was so warm and the view amazing. The boys had a beer and Sophie and I chatted until a women came around and wanted to do us a manicure and pedicure and thread my legs! It was a very comical moment.
We stayed at the beach until the sunset, and then walked back to Hacienda.

The next day, Heiner, Dennis and I decided to go find Sophie again but we kept missing each other. That morning, we also met Martin, French guy from Paris, who went for a run and then met us at the beach.
And we decided it was time to play with the underwater camera. DSC01069 DSC01085 DSC01088 DSC01090 DSC01091 DSC01106
The following day, we spent the day at the beach again and had a really fun time just hanging out, chilling and having a beer.
On Friday, after talking with Sophie and her saying she has a sailing license, we decided to investigate the possibility of renting a boat. In the morning, during breakfast, we met two guys from New Zealand and invited them for our boat mission as well.

We walked to Otres Beach 2 and it took us about 20 minutes. Hacienda is in Otres Village, in between Otres Beach 1 and 2.We arrived at Otres Nautica where Carina, who owns Hacienda with Eddie, told us to go to rent bought. They had small and big catamarans that you could pay for 1 hour or half a day. We decided to get two small ones for $60 for half a day. Pretty good deal, especially when you are 8! Martin, Johanna, Casey and Henry went on one boat and Heiner, Sophie, Dennis and I on the second boat. And here is the view we got when we had just left the shore:DSC01120
So we had our pictures taken, because it’s not everyday you go on a boat!DSC01121
Sophie, who has a sailing license, was our Captain for the day. She was an excellent captain! She taught us how to sail the boat and how to work with the wind… Well done Cap’tain Sophie!DSC01123
There was quite a bit of wind that day, which means it was a good day to sail, so we were sailing relatively fast, away from Otres Beach 2!DSC01125
We stopped several times on the sea, we went around an island, we had just the best time! So here’s a collection of a few pictures that sum up our afternoon on the sea…
Everybody, on the boats! And Dennis, in the water, taking the picture.DSC01133
Dennis, Heiner and Martin… Underwater!DSC01172
Sophie, Martin and Dennis… Above water!DSC01162
Sophie, myself and Johanna, enjoying a lazy swim with the security vests.DSC01156
Sophie, pretending she is a mermaid.DSC01175
And Dennis and I…DSC01180
Martin, Johanna, Henry and Casey’s boat, getting far away from ours as we were heading back to the beach.DSC01146
Sophie burning slightly because of the sun, so applying more, more and MORE sun cream!DSC01190
The romantic shot.DSC01205
The less romantic shot…DSC01207
Sophie posing in the sunset!DSC01208
Sophie and I, enjoying the beautiful view!DSC01209
And then being silly bunnies…DSC01211
And finally, the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen…DSC01214That day was absolutely fantastic. We sailed a boat, we had fun and it was like time stopped for a minute and there was nothing to think about. Like we said with Martin, we don’t have an address at the moment because we live… in the present. It’s the best way to describe it.
Thank you guys for such an amazing day. It doesn’t really matter if we’ll never see each other again, this afternoon will forever be engrave in my head! Thank you guys, and take care.





  1. Julie!!!
    What a great Blog , so Many funny picteres and lovely writing.
    I am gonna mis You Guys 😘
    Xxx Sophie from Holland

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We will miss you too Sophie!! ❤️


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