Chiang Rai, The Jungle is my favourite place on Earth.

When you consider my origins, it is fair to assume that my body isn’t really laid out for extreme weather conditions. The jungle of northern Thailand however,  in combination with all cotton clothes I feel very good. Maybe it is the sheer number of trees and the shade they provide. Maybe it’s just the right time of year, or maybe it’s just that im very calmed down. Even all the mosquito bites can’t ruin the bliss and relaxation I feel here.

The arrival would have been perfect if it wasn’t for “Cabbages and Condoms” and they’re shrimps. It’s a terrible tourist trap, and we only went because it said that they did mostly vegetarian food. They didn’t and the green tea turned out to be a lipton yellow label. Weird if you think there is tea plantations just down the road and apparently 10% of the food price goes to support local communities. I guess you can’t be lucky with food all the time, and honestly we haven’t had any bad experiences with food so far.

So Julie had quite a strenuous 2 days of feeling like you feel when you have food poisoning. On the second day however she did still get herself up and out of bed for a great day of sightseeing with Kai. Her blog about this great day you can read here!

The next morning after having a good night sleep, she was back to her old self and woke me up with a lot of energy and plans for the day. I however struggled to be up and running so quickly because Kai had generously handed out self made rice whiskey the night before. After passing through a surprisingly short hangover period, I did eventually make it to breakfast.
Our travel friends Dave and Caz, and Julie and I had already discussed the night before that we could rent motorbikes for the day and go explore a little. And so we did: for 150 baht each (around £3 or 4€) we got two 110cc, semi automatic motorscooters and set off to find the Khun Korn waterfall. The exit was supposed to be around 3 or 4 km outside of town on the right. Not knowing how it would be labeled (Latin letters or Thai) we took a thai labeled exit way before we were supposed to. Thinking we were going the right way for ages, we ended up in a little rural village and took a left towards the local mountain.

On Caz’s phone it actually looked like there was water somewhere ahead so we just kept on following the road. We also didn’t really care if it was the wrong way, because it was massive fun just to run around on the bikes. So we kept on following the road and even the locals told us to keep going and we still thought were going the right way. Only after passing the Buddha statues and going half way up the mountain did we realise that we didn’t hear water flowing and usually waterfalls were not on top of a mountain, that at its foot it was  actually quite dry. But now we had come so far so we dedicated to get to the top.


Once we arrived at the top we were treated to a view across the valley that these pictures can’t possibly do it justice.IMG_2359.JPG

The Buddha was the biggest we had seen so far on the way.
The locals on top of the mountain were highly delighted and no doubt pretty impressed that we had made it up there. This dude we met up there and asked for directions, even asked us to take a picture with us.

Back on the scooters we headed back down the mountain and made our way to the waterfall.
We took another right too early and landed in singha park, where we stopped for a drink.

We went back on the main road and took a right on the next main road on the right. From there we actually made it to the waterfall and my god what a waterfall. First, the walk to the waterfall is absolutely beautiful.


It’s the most beautiful waterfall I had ever seen. You arrive and you begin collecting water drops that get thrown into the surrounding air.
The plants around are constantly being washed, and by the end we were all pretty much drenched.
It was exhilarating; walking barefoot through mud stepping on smooth bamboo stairs, surrounded by the widest variety of trees, ferns, vines, and every so often passing through a cool but rocky little stream. Finally you arrive at this moving ornament; a part of the life giving stream which snakes it’s way through the rainforest into the valley.
The sound of rushing water and different birds flirting makes up the soundtrack of this natural spectacle and to top off the experience I get to kiss this beautiful woman with her wet hair and clothes.
Sadly we couldn’t stay longer as the sun was beginning to set and the only visor we had for riding back were sunglasses, and bugs don’t make way for scooters.
We stopped a little further on to look at the sunset, and then headed back to the guesthouse.


Well, this was our scooter day with Caz and Dave. It was fun, but the best day will be covered in the next post ill write later today. We were invited by Kai to be poster tourists for his friends new tour idea: Bamboo cooking class near his home village. We accepted the offer immediately and had one of the best days ever. Hope you enjoyed the read.




  1. BRIJOLAP · · Reply

    On ne peut que rester bouche bee devant toutes les aventures que vous vivez. C”est extraordinaire. De plus les paysages, les buddhas et les personnes que vous rencontrez sont magnifiques. C”est je pense ce que vous attendiez de votre voyage. Bisous les amoureux.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oui exactement! Plein de gros bisous


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