A train ride to Chiang Mai.

It all started after this amazing time in Baan Silapin, had food at Mango and then headed back to our former hotel to pick up our backpacks. We called a taxi and got dropped off at the train station, a lady came over to us to indicate we will leave platform 10. It’s all very well organised and partly in English, so it is easy not to get lost.
Dennis decided he wanted to play on the game machines and he was observed by 2 kids and I wanted to pay for them to play as well but we had no 10 coins.
Finally we went to the platform to board the train. We both had comfy top bunks and to be honest they are probably comfier beds than in half the hotels in Bangkok!

There was a lovely lady who comes round and sells breakfast and says she will wake you up (and she does, with all the kindness in the world). Breakfast are expensive – as you would expect on a train anywhere – between 110THB and 130THB.
Our train was at 10pm, I was exhausted from the day so I went to sleep. I slept quite well until maybe 3am when I started waking up and falling back asleep several times. At 6am I checked if Dennis was still alive and he said he wanted to sleep more so we both went back to sleep until 8ish.
Then our breakfast lady came round and we had (pretty disgusting) breakfast, but the coffee and the pineapple slices were nice. That’s at least something. We had also bought some food at the train station so we munched on that for a while, drinking coffee and enjoying the scenery.


Oh and I forgot to mentioned that in between wagons, the doors are actually opened and you can pop your head out and watch the scenery go by. It is gorgeous.


Then this man who was sleeping on Dennis’ bottom bunk woke up. He really smelt and looked still drunk. He started talking to us like we were his psychiatrists, about his alcohol problem – 2 bottles of vodka a day for 15 years – smoking, sex addiction… Told us he was from Canada, had many accidents on the road, owed a lot of money and f*cked off to Thailand for a new life, basically. I have to admit that this man freaked me out a little, not like I thought he was going to kill us but the sadness and the selfishness I could feel in him. His lack of clarity when talking about life. How he’s talk about generosity but never asked us anything about our travels or life – maybe for the better – and just talking over and over about himself.
Bottom line, he wasn’t evil to us – or to anyone I think – he just went through some tough things in his life and he is lost both physically – in Thailand – and psychologically in his own life and mind.

We finally arrived in Chiang Mai shortly after noon. There was a man advertising for his guesthouse (which happened to be in my Roughguide) so we got a free lift to check out the place, liked it and booked it for 2 nights.

The place is called Chiang Mai Thai House, we payed 400THB for a nice double room with a fan and hot water. There is a pool, a small restaurant where food is nice and cheap and laundry is 50THB/kg.
Our awesome time in Chiang Mai will be in the next post!


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