Bangkok – away from the tourists.

Is it possible, you will ask me, to find a place far from the tourists in Bangkok? Well yes it is, and we found it! It is called Baan Silapin, a little village along the river in Bangkok where you will find Klong Bang Luang, the Artist’s House.
The easy way to get there is by taking the taxi boat or you can take the sky train to Wongwian Yai and then flag a taxi to Charan Santiwong Soi 3. Go down the Soi to the big 7/11, cross the bridge and the Artist’s House is on your left. You should walk around the whole area, it is really nice, different from the center and far from the tourists. A fantastic place to spend lunch time – what we did.











Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?
At 2pm everyday, they have free puppets shows – you just donate what you want. Many locals go there with their children. There is a very good atmosphere, and the puppeteers really try to speak a bit of English for us to understand. They tell stories with the puppets and it is also a bit comical. But I won’t tell you everything so that if you go there I won’t spoil the surprise!




And then we stayed at the Artist’s House for a bit. It is an amazing place to buy local items. Some people knit, some make shirts or notebooks… It is really awesome!
We had herbal ice tea and tamarind juice. Also, we ate a homemade brownies. Yum yum!
The atmosphere there is fantastic. It is quiet and relaxing. I wish they had a guesthouse. I could spend days there. It is the perfect place to get away from the crowded areas of Bangkok, if you respect the calmness and the locals, obviously.







Finally, we took a taxi boat to Wat Arun. That was fun!!

And finally we took a taxi to downtown and found a vegetarian/vegan restaurant called Mango. What a fantastic place! Not too expensive for a restaurant as well. We paid 580THB for 1 pad Thai, 1 rice green curry, 2 large beers, 1 lassi and 1 dessert. The guy told us his wife became vegetarian 2 years ago and because their food at home was so good (according to their friends) they decided to open a restaurant. They use many products are from their farm. We recommend it! There you will find great food and great people.


All in all, a fantastic day! Fun, colorful and mostly far from tourists (except downtown). It was fantastic to see locals and try to speak with them – in Baan Sipalin people speak basically no English. It was just an incredible experience! Now en route for Chiang Mai!




  1. BRIJOLAP · · Reply

    De plus en plus beau et colore et ce nest pas fini………On se regale de vous lire et de vous suivre. Monique et Claude nous ont dit hier soir que le Nord etait tres beau car ils sont alles en Thailande il y a qq annees en arriere. Bisousssssss

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  2. BRIJOLAP · · Reply

    Les plats que vous degustez ns donnent envie d”y gouter tant par les couleurs que par ce quils contiennent. Vos papilles doivent se regaler. On vous aime.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oui on se regale avec la nourriture cest un vrai delice!
      Pour linstant ce que lon a vu du nord est splendide! Bientot un nouveau blog, bisous


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