First day in Bangkok

I am really excited to tell you about Bangkok! It is a very crazy place, but it’s fun and colorful and intense. It seems that everything is going so fast and everytime you look at something else, something different is happening, over and over again! I cannot believe how active and how different this city is. Whilst you see people praying, you have prostitutes on the street; whilst you have people rushing past you on the street, the traffic is at a stand still on the road and the tuk tuk are trying to trick you into a visit of their friends’ shop! What a unique experience. Let’s begin with this morning. We took the hotel breakfast because it is ”only” 250THB per person and it is an all-you-can-eat buffet. Conclusion, we eat a lot (and I mean A LOT) and then we survive on fruit and juices for the rest of the day. It is a pretty good way to spend relatively few money on food. So this is a picture of our breakfast this morning. We are staying at the Ibis Bangkok Nana hotel by the way. It has pretty good review on Tripadvisor if you want to check it out and stay there. I would personally recommend it. It is very good, good food, good beer, good value for money and really nice staff – very caring. IMG_1363.JPG Then we took the skytrain off to Chatuchak Market because simply EVERYONE recommended that we go. We had a lot of fun walking around and bargaining prices and getting little bits and bobs that we want to keep with us on our travels. First, we bought a coconut. Yum yum. IMG_1364.JPG Then I bought myself a really cool T-shirt, and trousers: IMG_1382.JPG After that, we went to the artsy kind of side of the market. There was incredible art there and handmade objects. There are also loads of people designing their own T-shirts and phone cases and it is nice to see some genuine items, not massively produced hipster bags and T-shirts (including one that Dennis particularly liked that said: No you can’t sit with us). IMG_1365.JPG IMG_1366.JPG Then we deciding to have a little break. I had just bought myself 3 lenses for my iPhone – macro, fisheye and widelens – along with one of these telescopic arms that are awesome for selfies (hells yeah). The whole thing cost me 480THB, which is 11euros, and the result is pretty super cool, as you can see: IMG_1381.JPG  IMG_1372.JPG   IMG_1388-0.JPG After one last tour around the market and investigating prices to ship a box to Germany or France (turns out it is pretty expensive), we decided to head for the downtown area and have a look at MBK and the Siam Center. We sure did see a lot of people, but the cool thing was the children loom bands competition! Check this out! So awesome. IMG_1392.JPG  IMG_1391.JPG   IMG_1393.JPG We also had our first bubble tea ever. Really tasty! I am definitely having others before we leave! IMG_1433.JPG IMG_1406.JPG Then we realized that the shopping center we were in was hosting some sort of event or festival. There was a metal band playing on one side and a pop band on the other, and some people had been designing car decorations for Toyota and now people were – it seems, I don’t speak thai – voting for their favourite car. IMG_1418.JPG   IMG_1427.JPG   IMG_1417.JPG Then on our way back to the hotel, we saw some sort of religious celebration on the side of the road, and it was beautiful, so I took a few pictures to show you guys: IMG_1430.JPG   IMG_1432.JPG And finally, this is a picture of what we bought today. I am really glad because it is super useful and cool! IMG_1434.JPG Tomorrow will be dedicated to sightseeing more than shopping, so I cannot wait to post the pictures on here so that you guys can see what we are experiencing!   -Julie



  1. Oh Oh ; quel fantastique marche vous avez vu et traverse. Jimagine que vos yeux ne savaient plus ou regarder….. et en plus, si jai bien compris, une ceremonie religieuse et des artistes qui vendent leurs propres creations, Je sais que vous aimez ce genre dendroit et vous avez du vous regaler. Heureusement que “Mum” netait pas la car j”aurais ete encore plus fofolle qua Shrews devant tout cet etalage de choses a acheter…..hihihi Nous ne sommes pas sur place mais vous retranscrivez bien a travers vos commentaires et images ce que vous vivez reellement. Que d”images dans votre tete deja au bout de six semaines de road trip. Enjoy everything. Bisous

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    1. Oh quel super message! Merci papa et maman 😀 oui nous avons beaucoup de chance de voir ce que nous voyons! Nous avons acheter des cartes postales et esperons trouver des timbres bientot 😉 gros bisous!


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