Amongst ancient trees – Henry Cowell Redwood State Park

If you ever wondered why native Americans believe in nature spirits and you would like to escape the rush of the city for a while (I suggest forever), you should probably consider showing face at your mothers garden. In a small little town in the Santa Cruz mountains, you’ll find trees that started chasing sunlight and inhaling fog when the Egyptian empire fell.
Groups of Redwood sequoia trees, standing in strong and nearly perfect circles around their mothers, remind you that we are all just circles within the same forest, sharing the same earth, and reliant on the health of the roots our ancestors sprouted. So when you stand in the Center of one of these ancient brotherhoods you truly realise the unity of past, present, and future.
You feel like the overgrown fire scars, shared roots, and personal circle of each tree teach you how the ever present force of life is the only thing that should be prayed to, and deserves the utmost respect and reverence. She, this beautiful Mother Earth, can not be quantified in currency, it can not be owned, and it can not be abused without a price to pay. She should be loved, protected, as we all owe our very existence to her. When you walk through these forests you cannot help but imagine yourself to be completely dependent on the next source of food, shelter, spiritual desires to be supplied by the same ultimate energy that runs through all life. Suddenly you understand why shamanism and earth spirituality ruled this continent until it was colonised by materialism and capitalism, which is under the illusion that it is dependent on currency alone.
Be not fooled wanderer, you are part of system that reacts to every thought and intention. Illusions, such as the apparent disconnection between mankind and Mother Nature leads to the assumption that there exists a man-unkind, and given the current course of events it is hard to believe otherwise. It is only when you give yourself into the hands of those beautiful gardens, that you realise that there is a seed dormant in every heart, which under the right conditions can grow roots and reattach itself, and receive spiritual nourishment from the earth. So we returned to San Francisco, a mixture of seeds at many different stages of sprouting. It gives me hope, even though some will never reach out for the all surrounding earth of spiritual energy, that an ever increasing amount seem to be in search and development of the right conditions to spout their roots. In times of rapid melting ice, super-storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, and the like, it seems reasonable to think that the age of Aquarius is needed to drench all the seeds that would otherwise never grow, as the right conditions are never present.




  1. John Rocheleau · · Reply

    Splendid prose that combined with the pictures captures as well as possible the essence of this wonderful place! Did you get a chance to climb to Buzzard’s Roust high above these ancient trees? If not, next time!


    1. Thank you! Im glad you liked it. No unfortunatley we didnt really find the time, but im sure we will return to the redwoods some day. Its such an amazing place.


    2. Sounds like a good idea John! And thank you for the compliment, Dennis is a very good writer 🙂


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