Seattle – see you soon.

We had the chance to spend one full day in Seattle and I am so glad we did. It is a shame we couldn’t stay longer but it means that we spent more time in Vancouver and that’s pretty cool.
We followed the advice of our AirBnB host, Diane, about the cool places to go to and we really weren’t disappointed!
Talking about Diane, here is the AirBnB where we stayed:

Pretty cool, isn’t it? Very clean, very neat, very colorful and chocolate is provided. What else?! We loved the Little Urban Studio.
In the morning we went to Discovery Park and walked the loop trail. It’s a nice park to walk in, especially at this time of the year.

And there was a beautiful view point:
Then we drove to Ballard which is some kind of hipster neighborhood, but the nice kind, with boutiques and cafes and ice cream places. It is a lovely neighborhood, so nice to walk around and walk in the shops. Many vegetarian alternatives and hand made or fairtrade things.

We ate in a very yummy Mexican restaurant called Oaxaca (that Diane pointed out).
And then we had fantastic ice cream at Parfait. I had vegan chocolate ice cream and vegan pear sorbet and I seriously think I have never had such wonderful ice cream before.


Outside of Parfait, there is an urban garden with mint and lavender and strawberries and all that! That is such a fantastic idea and I wish Europe would learn from it and start to have those around cities.
At Diane’s shop (Venue, in Ballard), I bought myself a handmade cute purse for my change:
After that we drove off to Gasworks Park where the view of the Seattle skyline is breathtaking.

Finally we headed to Fremont where we went to see the oh-so famous troll:
And we hung around Fremont for a while. I absolutely love this neighborhood. I actually think that – from what I have seen so far – it is my favorite part of the city.



I bought myself a vintage leather wallet which is super awesome!

Conclusion: I fell in love with Seattle. I fell in love with Seattle really badly! And I do believe it is my favorite American city so far. See you soon, Seattle!




  1. John Rocheleau · · Reply

    I love your comments about the Seattle neighborhoods! And that you found it to be your favorite US city. Did the weather diminish your feelings about Seattle at all?


    1. Not at all 🙂 we are pretty weather proof. Especially after living in scotland. My motto is: there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes! We were even saying we could see ourselves living there for a while!


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