Vancouver, Vancity, Vaninlove.

The funniest thing about this Vancouver thing is that we weren’t really supposed to stay there for long. I think we originally planned to stay for 4 days and then head over to Seattle and stay there for 5 days and then fly to Thailand. But then I found out that Noah Gundersen – aka one of my favorite artist – was playing the first date of his winter tour #drenchedinblood at the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver. Needless to say I hurried to book the tickets and that was us off to spend 8 days in Vancouver. There is worse things in life right? I don’t complain.
We had a backcountry permit at Golden Ears Provincial Park in order to spend less on accommodation, as it pretty expensive in North America. Problem is, when we actually checked out how to get to that camping, it wasn’t that easy. We needed to take 3 different buses and hen walk 6km until the parking of the camping and then an other 5km to the area where we were allowed to camp. When your bags are 45lbs (21kg) it is not fun. So we decided to look for a couch surfing place for the first night but nobody was available and many people did not answer.
But thanks to my ex-landlord, Alan, who has friends everywhere, we got to stay at his childhood friend in East Vancouver. They were super welcoming, even made us food, and I got to carve a pumpkin with their daughter whilst Dennis was having a beer with Jonathan. We had a really good time and I am extremely grateful that we got to meet them on our trip.
They happened to have a “cabin” (it’s more like a house really) on the Sunshine Coast and offered to have us stay there rather than going to the camping. What an amazing opportunity! We spend 4 full days there, and had to travel one day to get here and one day back. But it was seriously worth it, as you can see by yourself:IMG_0927.JPG


Jonathan gave us loads of kale from his garden, so we ate A LOT OF KALE (and I mean a lot of kale) for 4 days and watch silly movies like Anchorman 2 and A Class and became hooked on Once Upon a Time:

We went for a beautiful walk to Trout Lake and went to walk along the sea. It was beautiful and fantastic. It a way it was lonely, but the good kind of lonely. The kind that make you realize how lucky you are about everything. The kind that makes you feel grateful.





IMG_0987-0.JPGThe day we left the cabin was slightly difficult because a) we didn’t want to go, b) we had 2 buses, 1 ferry, 2 buses, 1 stop at Jonathan’s house, 3 buses to get to our AirBnB. So really, not cool.

In the end though we managed to get our buses with no problem, the ferry ride was overwhelmingly beautiful, and the two buses to Jonathan’s house were not that bad.


And because we seem to be so lucky – at least let’s say we have good karma – when we got to Jonathan’s house we were invited to stay with them for a bit because they had friends over for nibbles! It was so much fun to meet all these people and talk French a bit with a Quebecoise! I had a lot fun. Then Jonathan gave us a ride to the AirBnB where Nicholas was waiting for us. They were having a party there and we were offered food and drinks! We met fantastic people from Slovakia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, etc. It was really fun and although we didn’t get a chance to hang out more with them, it felt like home and I cannot thank them enough for this.
The next day (12th October) we spent the day in Vancouver walking around. We walked along Main St. and then walked around the downtown area and ended up walking to Stanley Park where we saw the famous Totem Poles. It was really interesting and fun, even with the rain!












And then finally we went back to town and have a drink with Chloe and Marc Antoine from the AirBnB. We went to Granville Island in a nice restaurant for a tasty beer. It was really nice because they are lovely people and interesting to talk to. Then we had to head off to grab a bus to get to Noah Gunsersen’s concert so we said goodbye. We did not see them before we left the next day so we left them a lovely note to say thanks and take care.
Noah’s concert was just unbelievable. I mean, I have all his albums on my phone and all that but nothing compares (to him) to how he is live. It was perfection and I felt like everything was resonating inside of my heart and I will not forget this concert, ever. I even got a chance to have a chat with him after – and a photo – so I feel very lucky and happy that I got to live this moment.


The support band Caroline Rose was very good and we actually bought her CD! So you guys are gonna have new bands and artists to listen to when we come back!
Then we went home and everybody was in bed so we went to get some sleep too… And the next day we grab a bus to Seattle, in which I am seating right now, writing to you guys! And we are ready for new adventures.





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