So we created a blog… A bit late, yes… But better late than never.

Here we are! A month and 6 days that we have been away from home now, and already so many adventures to tell! So we are with our brand new blog, ready to tell you about the crazy AirBnB experience, the tasty Charlottesville Bagels, the awesome graffitis in Brooklyn, an Australian-Polish wedding in Philadelphia (could be the title of a movie, right?), the cabin in the woods (literally) in British Columbia, and so – SO – many more adventures, I am sure.

So fasten your seat belts, and in case of loss of cabin pressure, put the mask on your head so that other passengers cannot see your facial expression… (Madagascar 2 is always good to quote)



  1. Good morning Guys! We were hoping to see you back at the vegetarian restaurant this morning. Last night I should have mentioned that we visited the monk tiger temple and loved it. Getting to be with the Tigers is just amazing!!!! It’s a couple of hours from Bangkok so as long as you are here and close, I highly recommend it! Have a great day! Angela

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    1. Thank Angela! We shall do that, it sounds excited. We went to the market today and got some small gadgets for my iphone 😀 more pictures to come! It was so nice meeting you. We will keep in touch!


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